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A small selection of our products...

Our fresh cheeses, natural or covered with herbs.

They are perfect for your sandwich or delicious with some spaghetti. Or eat them just as they are ;) 

Fresh cheeses

The spreadable version of our cheese comes in two varieties: natural or with fresh herbs from our garden! The possibilities are endless: for cheesecakes, sandwiches, pizza, quiches, etc.

Cottage cheese

Looking for a quick and easy dinner? We provide all kind of solutions. Take for example this goatcheese with bacon. Or what about the one with salmon? There are also lots of vegetarian options! 

Goat cheese dishes

Our version of the well known Feta. Also with this product, the possibilities are unlimited . Our seasoned cubes are for example ideal as an appetizer or in a salad. The feta can also be heated. Delightful on some roasted vegatables in the oven!


Every Saturday, you will find a large assortment of organic bread and sweets in our store. In addition to yeast breads, we also offer a number of breads with sourdough. These are all made in the traditional way by bio bakery De Trog.


In addition to our cheeses, we also offer a number of organic products. Together they form a well thought-out collection, ideal for combining with goatcheese. Our muesli that we eat daily is one example of this. But also crackers, tapenade, olive oil, balsamico, ... complement our range. For the real fans we have designed a nice cotton bag. Or how about goat milk soap? We also sell exclusive cheese planks, original cheese graters and home-made jams.


This is a somehow dryer variant of the fresh cheese. It comes in multiple varieties: what do you think about a cheese with wild flowers and honey? Or one with raisins and gin? There is a cheese for everyone! 

Semi-dry cheeses

For the cheeselovers! We have all kind of varieties. Perfect with a glass of wine before or after dinner, or with some honey in the oven... 

Matured cheeses

Some guests having over? Something to celebrate? Or just in need of a cozy evening at home? We provide a range of mini cheeses, ideal as an appetizer. On request we also make exclusive creations for your special occasion.


Deliciously soft yogurt, all natural or with vanilla, blueberry or strawberry. Full of good bacteria, they are the ideal start of the day. We like to eat it with the muesli from our shop and a piece of fruit! We also have a variant of the Greek yoghurt: Houtemse yoghurt. Ideal for desserts, tzatziki or as a snack.


In our shop, you will also find a limited (but carefully selected) range of natural & organic wines. Our favorite is the organic Prosecco in an original bottle.


Looking for an original gift? We provide beautiful gift vouchers for both the shop and our B&B. Or put together your own gift package!

Visit our shop and discover the many possibilities. We are happy to help you!


This one is perfect for those who love cooking! They can be used in all kinds of dishes, such as a savory pie. They also exist with herbs. Our little secret:  mix the one with pepper with the quiche batter for a spicy result!


Our hard cheeses, type Gouda. Natural, with nettle or with italian herbs...

Hard goat cheeses

Our latest addition to the family! The world wide web is full with delicious recipes with this versatile product. We like to mix this with some honey and serve it with some fruit as a healthy snack.


We sell our raw goat milk, fresh in our store every day. We also sell some whey, healthy!  

Goat milk & whey

Every Saturday you will also find a homemade cake in our store. We look at what the seasons offer. In the summer we make a healthy berry pie and in the autumn we make a carrot cake or cheesecake with pumpkin, of course always with goatcheese!

Depending on the amount of work on the farm, it is also possible that a piece of cake is available during the week, or just order one and we will be happy to bake it for you!